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Ward Bitz was a former web design freelance shop, and is now a portfolio site for Karl Bitz.

Main Page from Don Bell Guitar

Main Page from Don Bell Guitar

Don Bell needed an efficient and effective website to promote his guitar instruction business. Much like some of our other sites, Don Bell Guitar is a clean and simple site designed to present information to visitors in the most accessible way possible. Optimized for search engine discovery, in the coming weeks Don's site should rank high in keyword searches for local guitar lessons, allowing him to increase demand for his services in a very cost-effective manner.

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Black & White Piano

Main Page from Black & White Piano

Black & White Piano needed a quick and simple page to promote a local professional piano playing service. Created in under four hours, from concept and design, to server configuration, coding, and publishing, this site allows for a simple venue to market piano services with textual information, embedded video, and Facebook's new social plugins integration.

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Bitz for Congress

Main Page from Bitz for Congress

Bitz for Congress needed an all encompassing web solution for Mark Bitz's congressional campaign, and they needed it fast. Conceived in less than two weeks, the website launched in late November 2009. The site features a blog, volunteer and mailing list sign-ups, donation processing and integration into an existing campaign database.

Eventually, we created Twitter and Facebook pages and did graphic design work for flyers, signs, stickers and business cards. Finally, we designed and executed email campaigns sent to nearly 1000 recipients.

This site is now inactive due to the completion of Mark's campaign.

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400 Years of Agricultural Change in the Empire State

Cover from 400 Years of Agricultural Change

Four Hundred Years of Agricultural Change in the Empire State is a 240-page book written over the course of a year by Robert W. Bitz. He wanted to self-publish the book with three goals in mind:

  1. The book needed to be available for purchase online through Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.
  2. Shipping and fulfillment should be done by a third party in a cost-effective manner.
  3. The printed book should be of good quality, however it should not break the bank for customers and still generate a nice profit.

We were able to accomplish these goals using Lightning Source (LS) as a print-on-demand provider. The result is a quality book (physically and content-wise, of course!) available to all via two of the most popular online book retailers. Furthermore, we did not have to order a large printing run before we could sell them.

NOTE: Ward Bitz did not design the cover or typeset this book.

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Main Page from DevEconTree

DevEconTree was a web application developed for a professor at Cornell intended to connect development economists together to provide a better picture of the flow of thoughts and ideas in the field over time. It is now maintained independently.

The site features multiuser registration and login, as well as a basic social network. Users are able to link their profiles together based on a relationship, whether they are a student, professor or collaborator. Users can sort and search for others within the community. Furthermore, an admin interface was created within the site so different individuals could moderate and maintain the site on their own.

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